Billy Graham

1918 — 2018

Memories & Condolences

God has used the life and ministry of Billy Graham to impact the lives of millions around the world. Perhaps you have a testimony about Mr. Graham’s ministry.

What did Mr. Graham mean to you? We invite you to share your stories and remembrances or express your condolences to the family here.

  1. JoAnna Faulkner

    Oh, to have had a glimpse into Heaven this morning when he met the One he’s been proclaiming for 80 years. I know you are all comforted knowing where he woke up this morning. May God continue to bless all of your ministries!

  2. Nancy Dal Pian

    I went forward to receive Christ at a movie sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1968. It’s amazing how far-reaching his ministry was — in my case, all the way to a small theater in Ohio farm country. I praise God for his life, and for the work God accomplished through him.

  3. Michelle Dickerson

    I grew up in church & we always attended. But I so fondly remember seeing my dear, departed Mother watching Rev. Graham’s TV revivals. Those revivals are a big part of how I ultimately found Jesus & I will always be grateful. I loved Rev. Graham. In a world of so many phonies, he was the real deal.

  4. Pra. Sandra Carlos Palhao Sandra

    Paz amados, que o Senhor os console, sabendo que ele retornou ao seu lar de verdade. Meu coração também esta de luto. Vou carregar sempre os ensinamentos dele que na minha caminhada me ensinaram muito. Deixou um grande legado para a humanidade cristã.

  5. Melissa Ryan

    I grew up watching and listening to Dr Graham, he played a big part in my decision to accept my Savior into my heart! He will be missed but I am sure there was rejoicing in Heaven this morning!

  6. Patti Deniston

    So many wonderful memories! Billy, Ruth and family are beloved by those that followed Billy all these years. Went first to hear Billy in the 70’s and again in early 2000 in Cincinnati. My dad always listened to him in the 60’s on TV. Billy Graham was there through the years. I am 66 yrs. old.