Billy Graham

1918 — 2018

Memories & Condolences

God has used the life and ministry of Billy Graham to impact the lives of millions around the world. Perhaps you have a testimony about Mr. Graham’s ministry.

What did Mr. Graham mean to you? We invite you to share your stories and remembrances or express your condolences to the family here.

  1. Yvonne Holley

    Billy Graham is my hero. Of course, I know that only Jesus can save us, but Mr. Graham was the vessel that He used in my case. I am so very blessed to have had a great Christian mother. I was saved, when watching with her, a Billy Graham telecast when I was eight years old. I thank God for him.

  2. Wayne Alonzo

    Billy, you were the constant in many lives who looked for someone who stood for Christ regardless of the times and circumstances – including me. As a sign language interpreter of 27 years, my greatest pleasure was to interpret for you in Jacksonville, Florida during one of your crusades. Thank you!

  3. Henry Brown

    I came home from work to be told “the neighbor had tried to commit suicide.” That night I listened to Billy Graham preach on the radio and he asked, “What would you do if you knew the neighbor was going to commit suicide?” It made me get to the neighbor and present the Gospel, which he accepted!

  4. Mary Abdool-Warner

    I will always remember when Billy Graham came to Toronto. This was actually his last visit to Toronto. I attended St. Clair Missionary Church in Toronto then. An announcement was made that choir members were needed for the crusade and I was one of the volunteers. It was a real honor for me.

  5. Vivian Cross

    I grew up in Washington, DC. I went to Wallace Memorial Church in DC. A Walt Smith went to Wallace worked for BGEA. Wallace was always involved in the crusades that came to DC. A young teen we took went forward at the end of the crusade. The impact of seeing people go forward will never leave me.

  6. Ruth Dallaire

    I heard Billy Graham speak at the 1976 Urbana student missions conference. His message and the conference as a whole was a life-changing experience and instrumental in my eventual call to missionary work in Africa, with Wycliffe Bible Translators. I am so very grateful!