Billy Graham

1918 — 2018

Memories & Condolences

God has used the life and ministry of Billy Graham to impact the lives of millions around the world. Perhaps you have a testimony about Mr. Graham’s ministry.

What did Mr. Graham mean to you? We invite you to share your stories and remembrances or express your condolences to the family here.

  1. Debra Weatherdon

    As a child, I watched Billy Graham. Our whole family did! We all sat down and watched as a family. My dad wanted us all to watch. I gave my heart to the Lord as a child and never forgot that time I became a Christian!

  2. Gary Aaron

    As a child I was glued to the TV at my grandmother’s house whenever Mr. Graham came on, and it has remained a part of my memory as I grow older. It led me into a relationship with Jesus. Thank God.

  3. David King

    Billy Graham showed his humbleness when at the heights of his popularity, he and Dr. Martin Luther King became fast friends, meeting with President Kennedy to get the Voting Rights Acts passed.

  4. I say this regarding Reverend Graham, he and his ministry were topics of conversation in our home before I was born in 1951, in Canton, North Carolina. His message of Salvation touched my heart at a very young age. And our family watched every crusade during his active years. Life changing.

  5. Ruth Rodriguez

    I still can’t believe he is gone. I grew up watching him on TV because my parents loved listening to his messages. This man who spoke with such great authority caught my attention at a very young age. He allowed God to use him to spread the gospel worldwide, what an awesome testimony was he.

  6. Grace Johnson

    Mum wouldn’t marry my dad until he became a Christian. One day in the 1950s Billy Graham on the radio led my dad to the Lord. My dad sadly went to be with our Lord recently, but we four children are all Christians because of his ministry.

  7. David Johnson

    I heard Dr Billy Graham on Radio 4 or home service in 1955. I remember he spoke on Hebrews 2v3 which led me to give my life to the Lord & become a minister. My future wife’s mum confined to wheelchair (MS) full of God’s love, witnessed to me on walks, she’d say I am your eyes, you are my legs.