Billy Graham

1918 — 2018

Memories & Condolences

God has used the life and ministry of Billy Graham to impact the lives of millions around the world. Perhaps you have a testimony about Mr. Graham’s ministry.

What did Mr. Graham mean to you? We invite you to share your stories and remembrances or express your condolences to the family here.

  1. Cathy Owen

    I can’t think of anyone but Billy Graham that could fill colosseums across the world to capacity with people who were yearning to know what the Bible teaches. People came away with changed lives and changed minds because of one man’s faith in Jesus Christ was so strong that nothing could shake it.

  2. Michael Musumeci

    In 1953, my parents attended Billy Graham’s Crusade in San Francisco. One week later they accepted Christ in a local church. For the next several years my parents and I help spread the gospel with the Trailer Group, which held street side evangelical services between San Francisco and San Jose, CA.

  3. Ruth Paz

    Billy Graham preached the gospel at the Oakland Coliseum in 1972, and the Lord touched my heart and saved my soul that day. Praise God Billy was faithful to his calling. I rejoice we will be praising God together at the throne of Jesus our Savior. The earth lost a great leader.

  4. James Batton

    Many years ago, I woke in the middle of the night with the conviction to immediately pray for Billy Graham. I prayed for him. The next day on the news I heard Mr. Graham was involved in a near-miss collision while flying. I had never prayed for Mr. Graham before. God loves us and answers prayer.

  5. Carlene Spitker

    Our 2016 visit to The Cove and also the Billy Graham Library will always be a special memory. May his message of the Gospel, God’s love and holy living live on forever. The funeral songs, tributes and the message by his son Franklin were Spirit-filled and heart searching. May God bless!

  6. Karen Simmons

    To the Graham Family: May our Savior Jesus Christ hold and love you doing your time of sorrow. Billy Graham will truly be missed by his followers. He has left such a huge impact on my life. So truly give God thanks for him.

  7. Gigi Esterby

    My friend in third grade invited me to go to see Billy Graham in Miami, FL. When he gave the invitation, I went up and gave my life to Jesus. It meant so much to hear and meet him at a young age. I am now 70 and when I watch the Classic’s and hear him preaching, I still hold that day in my heart.

  8. Carl Dennis

    We were privileged to be a part of Dr. Graham’s Crusade in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1979. My two teen girls and I were part of Cliff Barrows’ choir. My wife was a children’s counselor. The training was something she has treasured over the years. Our sincere condolences to all of you.